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Ast T*, Meisel JD*, Patra S, et al. 

Cell. 2019;177(6):1507-1521.e16. doi:10.1016/j.cell.2019.03.045

Ast T, Mootha VK. 

Nat Metab. 2019;1(9):858-860. doi:10.1038/s42255-019-0105-0

Ast T*, Itoh Y*, Sadre S, et al.

Mol Cell. 2024;84(2):359-374.e8. doi:10.1016/j.molcel.2023.12.016

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Ast, T.*, Itoh, Y.*, Sadre, S., McCoy, J.G., Namkoong, G., Wengrod, J.C., Chicherin, I., Joshi, P.R., Kamenski, P., Suess, D.L.M., Amunts, A., and Mootha, V.K. (2024). METTL17 is an Fe-S cluster checkpoint for mitochondrial translation. Mol Cell. 84,359-374 e8.10.1016/j.molcel.2023.12.016 *-co-first authors

Ast, T.*, Wang, H.*, Marutani, E., Nagashima, F., Malhotra, R., Ichinose, F., and Mootha, V.K. (2023). Continuous, but not intermittent, regimens of hypoxia prevent and reverse ataxia in a murine model of Friedreich’s ataxia. Hum Mol Genet. 10.1093/hmg/ddad091. *-co-first authors


Wang, Z., Guo, R., Trudeau, S. J., Wolinsky, E., Ast, T., Liang, J. H., Jiang, C., Ma, Y., Teng, M., Mootha, V., and Gewurz, B. (2021) CYB561A3 is the Key Lysosomal Iron Reductase Required for Burkitt B-cell Growth and Survival. Blood. 10.1182/blood.2021011079.

Rath, S., Sharma, R., Gupta, R., Ast, T., Chan, C., Durham, T. J., Goodman, R. P., Grabarek, Z., Haas, M. E., Hung, W. H. W., Joshi, P. R., Jourdain, A. A., Kim, S. H., Kotrys, A. V., Lam, S. S., McCoy, J. G., Meisel, J. D., Miranda, M., Panda, A., Patgiri, A., Rogers, R., Sadre, S., Shah, H., Skinner, O. S., To, T. L., Walker, M. A., Wang, H., Ward, P. S., Wengrod, J., Yuan, C. C., Calvo, S. E., and Mootha, V. K. (2021) MitoCarta3.0: an updated mitochondrial proteome now with sub-organelle localization and pathway annotations. Nucleic Acids Res 49, D1541-D1547

Jain, I. H., Calvo, S. E., Markhard, A. L., Skinner, O. S., To, T. L., Ast, T., and Mootha, V. K. (2020) Genetic Screen for Cell Fitness in High or Low Oxygen Highlights Mitochondrial and Lipid Metabolism. Cell 181, 716-727 e711

Jain, I. H., Zazzeron, L., Goldberger, O., Marutani, E., Wojtkiewicz, G. R., Ast, T., Wang, H., Schleifer, G., Stepanova, A., Brepoels, K., Schoonjans, L., Carmeliet, P., Galkin, A., Ichinose, F., Zapol, W. M., and Mootha, V. K. (2019) Leigh Syndrome Mouse Model Can Be Rescued by Interventions that Normalize Brain Hyperoxia, but Not HIF Activation. Cell Metab 30, 824-832 e823


Ast, T.*, Meisel, J. D.*, Patra, S., Wang, H., Grange, R. M. H., Kim, S. H., Calvo, S. E., Orefice, L. L., Nagashima, F., Ichinose, F., Zapol, W. M., Ruvkun, G., Barondeau, D. P., and Mootha, V. K. (2019) Hypoxia Rescues Frataxin Loss by Restoring Iron Sulfur Cluster Biogenesis. Cell 177, 1507-1521 e1516

*-co-first authors


Shammai, A., Petreikov, M., Yeselson, Y., Faigenboim, A., Moy-Komemi, M., Cohen, S., Cohen, D., Besaulov, E., Efrati, A., Houminer, N., Bar, M., Ast, T., Schuldiner, M., Klemens, P. A. W., Neuhaus, E., Baxter, C. J., Rickett, D., Bonnet, J., White, R., Giovannoni, J. J., Levin, I., and Schaffer, A. (2018) Natural genetic variation for expression of a SWEET transporter among wild species of Solanum lycopersicum (tomato) determines the hexose composition of ripening tomato fruit. Plant J 96, 343-357

Udeshi, N. D., Pedram, K., Svinkina, T., Fereshetian, S., Myers, S. A., Aygun, O., Krug, K., Clauser, K., Ryan, D., Ast, T., Mootha, V. K., Ting, A. Y., and Carr, S. A. (2017) Antibodies to biotin enable large-scale detection of biotinylation sites on proteins. Nat Methods 14, 1167-1170

Aviram, N., Ast, T.*, Costa, E. A., Arakel, E. C., Chuartzman, S. G., Jan, C. H., Hassdenteufel, S., Dudek, J., Jung, M., Schorr, S., Zimmermann, R., Schwappach, B., Weissman, J. S., and Schuldiner, M.* (2016) The SND proteins constitute an alternative targeting route to the endoplasmic reticulum. Nature 540, 134-138

*- corresponding authors

Ast, T., Michaelis, S., and Schuldiner, M. (2016) The Protease Ste24 Clears Clogged Translocons. Cell 164, 103-114


Cohen, S., Itkin, M., Yeselson, Y., Tzuri, G., Portnoy, V., Harel-Baja, R., Lev, S., Sa'ar, U., Davidovitz-Rikanati, R., Baranes, N., Bar, E., Wolf, D., Petreikov, M., Shen, S., Ben-Dor, S., Rogachev, I., Aharoni, A., Ast, T., Schuldiner, M., Belausov, E., Eshed, R., Ophir, R., Sherman, A., Frei, B., Neuhaus, H. E., Xu, Y., Fei, Z., Giovannoni, J., Lewinsohn, E., Tadmor, Y., Paris, H. S., Katzir, N., Burger, Y., and Schaffer, A. A. (2014) The PH gene determines fruit acidity and contributes to the evolution of sweet melons. Nat Commun 5, 4026

Ast, T., Aviram, N., Chuartzman, S. G., and Schuldiner, M. (2014) A cytosolic degradation pathway, prERAD, monitors pre-inserted secretory pathway proteins. J Cell Sci 127, 3017-3023

Hecht, K. A., Wytiaz, V. A., Ast, T., Schuldiner, M., and Brodsky, J. L. (2013) Characterization of an M28 metalloprotease family member residing in the yeast vacuole. FEMS Yeast Res 13, 471-484

Ast, T., Cohen, G., and Schuldiner, M. (2013) A network of cytosolic factors targets SRP-independent proteins to the endoplasmic reticulum. Cell 152, 1134-1145


Mor, I., Carlessi, R., Ast, T., Feinstein, E., and Kimchi, A. (2012) Death-associated protein kinase increases glycolytic rate through binding and activation of pyruvate kinase. Oncogene 31, 683-693


Halimi, Y., Dessau, M., Pollak, S., Ast, T., Erez, T., Livnat-Levanon, N., Karniol, B., Hirsch, J. A., and Chamovitz, D. A. (2011) COP9 signalosome subunit 7 from Arabidopsis interacts with and regulates the small subunit of ribonucleotide reductase (RNR2). Plant Mol Biol 77, 77-89


Review articles

Ast, T., and Mootha, V. K. (2019) Oxygen and mammalian cell culture: are we repeating the experiment of Dr. Ox? Nat Metab 1, 858-860


Ast, T., and Schuldiner, M. (2013) All roads lead to Rome (but some may be harder to travel): SRP-independent translocation into the endoplasmic reticulum. Crit Rev Biochem Mol Biol 48, 273-288

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