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Image by Elena Gordienko

Ast Lab

Cell biology of iron-sulfur clusters

About us

Mitochondria are essential for the function of the eukaryotic cell- why?

Over the past two decades it has become apparent that a core and ubiquitous function of mitochondria is iron-sulfur (Fe-S) cluster biosynthesis.

Fe-S clusters are redox cofactors that are vital for multiple processes in and beyond mitochondria; DNA replication and repair, protein translation and oxidative phosphorylation.  Our lab studies how Fe-S cluster synthesis is integrated into human cell biology in health and disease.

We couple cutting edge genetic and high content tools with cell biology and biochemistry approaches to shed new light on this essential pathway. 


  • Which human processes and pathways rely on Fe-S clusters?

  • How is Fe-S cluster biosynthesis regulated?

  • How are human cells rewired once this pathway has broken down in disease?

Image by Elena Gordienko

Contact us

Tslil Ast, Ph.D., Principal Investigator

Biomolecular Sciences Dept.,

Benoziyo Building, Rm 479

Weizmann Institute of Science


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